Sustainable Development Technology Canada

Verdant Global’s unique approach to urban growing has been endorsed by Sustainable Development Technology Canada in the form of a multi-million dollar innovation grant. This highly competitive grant was awarded because of the Verdant AgriFactory’s significant advances in critically important areas of agricultural.



With over 50 years experience, achieving a position as the unquestioned market leader in their field, Codema Systems Group has a track record of commercial success. Gideon DeJager, Codema’s President, chose Verdant Global as his exclusive partner for what he believes to be the next growth sector in commercial scale,  indoor agriculture.


Argus Control Systems

Argus Control Systems is the completing member of our Strategic partnership triumvirate. Together with them we have developed an advanced environmental control system which allows plants to be optimally cared for through every stage of their growing cycle. This includes lighting, temperature, humidity, and more. This system is cloud based enabling us to provide precision-controlled AgriFactories anywhere in the world.