Nine Billion Mouths to Feed

Verdant is committed to being the world leader in solving the food requirements of our planet, within a generation. We have spent over 12 years researching the technology and growing methods used in the Verdant AgriFactory™. The Verdant approach takes into account and resolves the significant issues surrounding our collective ability to have an adequate, global supply of fresh, high quality and nutritious locally grown food.  

This section is provided to highlight and offer independent views on the issues that have shaped the soul and vision of Verdant Global.

Read below to learn more about the issues related to global population growth, farmable land, water quality, climate change, food safety and food distribution.  

This is what inspires us.

9 Billion Mouths

Dr. Evan Fraser entertaining and informative video describes real-world solutions for averting a global food crisis that includes 4 pillars:

  • Applied Science and Technology solutions
  • More effective food distribution
  • Greater reliance on local production
  • Regulation to mitigate inefficient and environmentally damaging practices

The Food Value Chain

This comprehensive Deloitte report focuses on the existing food value chain and adds some additional considerations to those outlined in Dr. Frasers video.   While less gloomy than other accounts,  it calls on the need for innovation and an increased scale in production for food demands to be met in the 21st century.

Food Safety

This article from The Economist reports on issues  relating to food quality, safety and nutritional values that are linked to existing methods of production and distribution. 

Climate change

A short report from the United States Environmental Protection Agency summarizes the probable impacts of rising temperatures on crops,  Livestock and fisheries.  Underlying them all is the effect of a depleted water supply. 

Water availability

This 1993 report from the United Nations predicts the upcoming water insufficiency issues we are facing due to pollution and mismanagement. The impact of climate change has made this issue even more acute.