The Verdant AgriFactory™ in operation

On the outside, a Verdant Agrifactory is is an unassuming commercial warehouse. Inside, it creates the most advanced and efficient growing environment in the world:


The cornerstone of Verdant's scalable growing system is the Verdant Global Control Center. From this center Verdant controls each AgriFactory™ by continuously monitoring and optimizing the whole facility to produce the highest yields. Verdant's centralized horticultural expertise allows each facility to be run more economically and to benefit from Verdant's continuous research and development efforts. Each facility benefits from the experience gained across Verdant's network of facilities, using this to improve growing practices throughout.  

2. Advanced environmental and energy controls

Every growing room is individually climate controlled to optimize growth on a plant specific basis, throughout its growth cycle.  As a result, the same quality produce can be grown in Alberta, Canada as in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

In cold climates heat is captured from the lights and redistributed throughout a building. This eliminates the use of fossil fuels and the high cost of an external heating system.

Each growing room has its own HEPA filter fresh air exchange unit to minimize bugs and dust. UV lights kill any microorganisms before air enters the building.  Consequently no pesticides or herbicides are required in the growing process.

3. Vertical GROWING SYSTEMS maximize adaptability

Verdant Global's distinct advantage is centered around its scalable and fully automated growing systems.

1. Stackable, automated multilayer mobile tables are used to grow leafy green plants like baby spinach, arugula and spring mixes. Computer controlled, robotic table management optimizes each plant's position in the vertical system throughout its growth cycle and then brings the tables to ground level for harvesting, which minimizes labor costs.

2. Stackable, automated multilayer mobile gutters for more efficient growing of head-type leafy green plants like lettuce and kale.  Young plants start out in closely spaced gutters and, as plants grow, robotics automatically move the gutters apart to provide sufficient space for the growing plants. This technology maximizes capacity and increases productivity by more than 30%.

3. Terrace garden aeroponics adds the third dimension for growing bush plants like beans and strawberries. Mezzanine levels can triple production within the same footprint.