Verdant Global has developed the world’s most advanced, fully integrated commercial
agricultural facility for high capacity, vertically tiered, indoor growing.



Mirroring Henry Ford’s revolution in automobile manufacturing, Verdant’s pesticide free AgriFactory
provides growers with unlimited scalability, unprecedented supply chain flexibility and
significantly improved profits – anywhere in the world at anytime of year.


Verdant Accomplishments

  • Selected from over 100 competitors, Verdant Global was awarded a coveted Sustainable Development Technology Canada Innovation Grant.
  • Chosen partner of the 3 leading technology companies in global, indoor agriculture
    • Selected as the exclusive Go-To-Market partner by Codema Systems Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of horticultural systems.
    • A preferred partner of Philips Lighting and Argus Control Systems

Why does this matter?

World population growth has stretched global resources to its breaking point. Unpredictable weather patterns and high stress farming techniques have made legacy methods such as outdoor and greenhouse farming riskier.  Efficient new models to deliver healthy and high quality produce at scale have become an absolute necessity.  (insert graph to represent pop growth to ariible land ratio).


The Verdant Advantage

The Verdant AgriFactory removes all the challenges associated with legacy methods.  It allows growing in intemperate climates and total production flexibility for markets needing safe, high quality and fresh local produce.  The Verdant AgriFactory does this all in in an eco-friendly way yielding significantly improved profit margins over outdoor and greenhouse farming.


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